Exploring The Tween Pokies for You

You are in the comfort of your bed, looking for something exciting on the computer. In your trusted server (hopefully one of feminist porn) you advance to the video because you feel it is not catching too much. You see naked men and it gives you little girl. You advance him. Then to a couple giving each other love and pleasure, little stimulating. Following! But there comes a scene where a brunette woman appears, with astonished breasts (as García Márquez said) getting naked to the shower to bathe. Then you forget to overtake her, on the contrary, you put a pause, slow motion and then you even go back to see her again.

What happened there? Because if you're something Sure is that you're straight, you have a boyfriend and you've always liked men. Despite having had opportunities to have sex with women, it just did not seem like you. Why are you now enjoying so much of seeing a naked woman giving herself pleasure?

Those degrees of homosexuality

In our research we came up with something called the "Kinsey scale", created by biologist Alfred Kinsey in the late 1940s. It establishes seven different degrees of sexual behavior. Each human being can be placed within this scale depending on their sexual history or the episodes of their sexual activity in a given time. Tween pokies would be the ideal site for you for getting the quality HD video. You will get full satisfaction over here.

The scale goes from 0, where it is exclusively heterosexual, to 6, where there are exclusively homosexuals. This gradation in sexual orientation establishes degrees of bisexuality and even an X, where asexual people are located.

And so it locates the degrees of sexuality:

Exclusively heterosexualMainly heterosexual, with sporadic homosexual contacts.Predominantly heterosexual, although with homosexual contacts more than sporadic.BisexualPredominantly homosexual, although with heterosexual rather than sporadic contacts.Mainly homosexual, with sporadic heterosexual contacts.Exclusively homosexual.

What this scale proves is life itself. Where between black and white there are many shades of gray. Just as there are those who claim to be 100% hetero and homosexual, there are hetero women who have a bit of lesbianism.

Could we be lesbian or bisexual?

Something that we recognize who had this doubt is that the female body is visually more attractive than that of men. However, this was not enough reason to clarify the mystery, because this goes beyond aesthetics.

For that reason, we also went to ask César Galicia, psychologist and sexologist. We confessed our doubts and very kindly answered that this of which we get more pledged to see naked women than men in porn does not mean that we have stopped being heterosexual.

Something that we really liked to know is that, according to César Galicia, there is a part of identification with the actresses, part of the decrease in violence. Hence, porn where sexual experiences are more real and attached to what we live, we "arrive" more.

The difference between desire and action

Ok, then we knows that it is extremely normal that those of us who consider ourselves hetero are not 100%, but this does not lead us to be 100% homosexuals, because there are nuances. Then another doubt arises. If we see a naked woman and she excites us, does it mean that we want a woman-woman experience inside of us?