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For the couple to enjoy sex to the fullest and in a healthy way, Francisca Molero, vice president of the Spanish Federation of Societies of Sexology (FESS) and co-director of the Institute of Sexology of Barcelona proposes to worry about having a good self-esteem, communicate with the couple and learn new sexual knowledge. Famous pornstar Katarina Olendzskaia would be perfect example for what you are looking for in your partner’s appearance. You will be amazed to see the katarina olendzskaia nude at internet.

Other experts give the following advice:

1) Caring for health

For a satisfactory sexual relationship is important with absence of fatigue and stress, as well as medical problems (deficiency of testosterone, depression, intake of a drug that inhibits sexual desire, etc.).

The practice of physical exercise on a regular basis is an enhancer of our libido, since it improves the production of testosterone and allows good emotional self-regulation.

2) Discover what you like

To enjoy as a couple, "first I have to know myself well, know how my erotic works, my body, what excites me, etc.

If each member of the couple has this erotic self-knowledge -continued- the meeting between them will be much more fruitful and pleasant. Here communication is also vital, trust and intimacy between them.

3) Let go

Santiago Frago, doctor, sexologist and professor of the Master of Sexology at the Camilo José Cela University , points out that "for a couple to enjoy their art of love and the pleasure of their encounter, there is no other secret than being carried away by the desire of the encounter, dedicate time to love and space to eroticism ".

4) Know that intercourse is only an option

Casado rejects the idea of finalist sexuality, where everything is done for an ending, which is intercourse and orgasm, and all of the above is secondary. "This is the result of an excessively genital idea of ​​sexuality."

The expert assures that there are couples who, at certain times, have less intercourse but do not stop kissing, holding hands, sleeping embraced and naked, and, to a large extent, remain satisfied on the erotic plane.

5) Betting on a healthy relationship

The absence of conflicts within the relationship is one of the best prognoses for improving sexual health. You have to take care of the couple. And, in some people, the sexual relationship with the couple has long been an obligation , rather than a source of pleasure and satisfaction.

6) Have a positive attitude

It is also important to free yourself -mentally and emotionally- from any negative prejudice towards sex. For this, the expert urges to give greater importance to sexual fantasies in any context of daily life and more especially before, during and after sex. You should know more.