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We are penning this article as we believe that women sometimes happens to be much tougher with masses than they should be at the time it happens to come to the aspect of being naked in front of a man.

We have seen very beautiful women who think they are not very attractive and sensual for the simple fact of having a little cellulite, or stretch marks, or because they are not as thin as Jessica Alba or Paulina Rubio, etc. The point is that when it comes to being in the room naked, women are much more critical of themselves than male mimes.

We men are only very happy when we are naked ... and the end of history!

We are not kidding women. If a man uses to be with you as well as they end up sleeping organized, we can guarantee that he happens to find you gorgeous when you take off your clothes, the body of a naked woman is before him. He will be happy to be there when that happens. There are no more entanglements in the story that complicate everything! Men are not so "detail-oriented" about what looks good and looks more like women. It's more likely that man will not even notice any defect you have.

We do not want you to be perfect!

Many dated Barbie doll-like woman for a short time. When she was naked it was wow, exciting, but the truth was no more exciting than some other girls who were naked before me before. Well, as a man they really like a girl to be different and not an exact replica of a table dance or taboilera dancer. They want their gift to be a little unique when they unwrap it. The truth of things is that men like unique and different women and it is their perception of the imperfections that you can have as a woman that make you different, that is why the body of a naked woman is always appreciated. If you consider Natasha Thomsen nude as the best gift from god you would be amazed from the collection that you will have.

What you see when you look in the mirror

If you see yourself in the mirror and think that you give a bad naked image, you probably do not get that bad and you really do well if you saw with the eyes of us men. In the event that you realize that you will look worthy naked, then probably you look great. If you consider that you look great naked, then it's probably not a woman (because we have not yet met a girl who looked great herself, there was always something bothering her). What you see as a woman in your face and body, I can guarantee that you will see it better through our eyes. Once again we repeat to you girls. If you are naked, we are probably very pleased with what is in front of us (or below us, or on top of us. Well we will leave the imagination, but that is the reality.