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No doubt each person is unique, but there are some common guidelines that can serve as a guide or basis for those people who want to improve the practice of sex with their partner.

Once we have reviewed the best techniques to accelerate the female orgasm and the tricks to prolong the male orgasm, we focus on those issues that make a sexual relationship a unique moment for a woman. With the help of psychologist and expert in sexology, we review those issues that most women tend to like when it comes to having sex.

Guarantee the pleasure and resistance

The sexual quality that most value women is that your partner is concerned about giving pleasure, a quality that is even ahead of creativity. The fact that your partner praises your body and has resistance and endurance (resistance) to give pleasure arouses much interest. The key to this is communication, which is why the Psytel expert advises that you share your fantasies and desires with your partner and ask them to do the same. "After the sexual act, ask him to tell you what things he liked and what he did not," he says.

Kisses of all kinds are very important for every woman, and especially during sex.

The clitoris, after the brain, is the most important sexual organ in women

If this is not stimulated correctly, it will be difficult to satisfy the woman or bring her to orgasm. When stimulating it manually, Silvia Sanz advises doing it with delicacy. "The clitoris is as or more sensitive than the glans of a man, some women do not tolerate direct stimulation unless they are very excited." At first, she works on the areas around the clitoris, and progressively, as she become more excited, you can stimulate it directly, "he explains. Famous god father film actress Simonetta Stefan Elli would be perfect for you as an example on how your figure should be like. You can even find Simonetta Stefan Elli nude for details as well.

Pre-coital games are essential

In Psytel recommend taking time before penetration to stimulate the different erogenous zones of women. "This allows the woman to get excited and lubricate well, preparing her for penetration," he adds.

Using the imagination and turning the act into something unique

Different and special influences the quality of sexual relationships for a woman. Includes, oils, scented candles, fruits, ice, feathers, costumes, jacuzzis, bubble baths, massages, sex toys, mirrors to spice up your sexual relations.

Remember to stimulate other erogenous zones

Genitals and breasts are not the only erogenous zones of a woman. It will be useful to test ears, neck, arms, hands, back, crotch, thighs and even feet, lips, face, belly ... Although there are notes in common, each woman has her own code in what refers to erogenous zones.

The cunnilingus, an interesting option

Not all women like oral sex. That is why it is better to ask if the couple is not sure that an uncomfortable situation could be for her. The clitoris is very sensitive and the recommendations on the delicacy that have occurred in the manual stimulation are equally valid in the case of oral sex. "During oral sex do not go directly to the clitoris, first kiss the surrounding areas and gradually go to him," recalls the sexologist.