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It is in our hands to remove all the taboos surrounding self-pleasure in order to be able to delight without ties. As our goal is that you enjoy as never before, we give you 8 delicious tricks to reach orgasm by yourself. How to masturbate to feel more pleasure?

Tricks to get more pleasure with masturbation

1 The best advice you are going to give

If you're just going to pay attention to one of our tricks to masturbate, be it to this: you have to relax and enjoy yourself. The one that matters, at this moment, is you, so you have to put the worries aside and focus on your own pleasure.

2 How I start with masturbation

The first thing to keep in mind for masturbation to be satisfactory (which is, after all, what we are looking for) is to find the time and the place. If you really want to enjoy, it's not worth any time you have free or anywhere you can do it. It's about finding the moment you really want without pressure and an intimate place where you will not be disturbed.

3 The best posture to have pleasure

Every woman is a world, you included. Therefore, you will find the best position to masturbate based on practice. There are women who feel more comfortable lying on the bed , but others prefer to stand up, with one leg resting on an object with more height; with the back curved so that the legs reach the shoulders and, in this way, have better access to the vagina; or face down to exert more pressure with the legs.

The best tricks for female masturbation

4 Do I have to watch a porn movie to have more pleasure?

Is it obligatory to watch a porn movie while you masturbate? Not at all! There are women who can feel very excited to see this type of images while they take pleasure, but others prefer to read erotic stories or let their imagination fly creating their own erotic video themselves.

5 And what do I do with my hands?

With the Tawny Jordan nude picturess you have to do with your hands what gives you the most pleasure. Touching the different erogenous points of your body like the nipples can help you warm up your body. Do not put limitations on yourself and caress everything you would like , and more: by the neck, by the lips, by the gut, by the anus ... And, above all, do not forget the clitoris! Remember: it's that little bump that is on top of your vulva.

Tips to enjoy more when masturbating

6 Up or down in circles?

There will be someone who has recommended you to stimulate your clitoris from top to bottom, but others will have told you better in circles. But why are you going to have to be dogmatic? You do not have to choose between one thing and the other, why do not you dare to mix? Remember that you can also (and must) insert your fingers into your vagina so that masturbation is more satisfying. The trick is to unleash your enjoyment and continue with the type of movements that are giving you pleasure.

7 Yes, to erotic toys for your touching

We say yes a resounding to use sex toys, lubricants and any other element that will help you have more pleasure while you masturbate.